Our Top 10 Cocktail Gifts

World Cocktail Day is the perfect excuse for you to treat yourself or a loved one to a cocktail gift or two.

Whether you’re looking to raise a glass or throw a party to mark the celebration on May 13th, we’ve listed our top 10 cocktail presents for World Cocktail Day.

1. Tipple Box

If you’re looking to make bar quality cocktails in the comfort of your own home, without the hassle of left over spirits and missing ingredients, Tipple Box is the answer. With specially curated cocktail kits using premium spirits, you can purchase a one-off cocktail box or sign up to a cocktail subscription service with prices beginning at £24.


2. Perfect Drink Cocktail Maker

For those who want to combine technology with their tipple, the Perfect Drink Cocktail Making Kit (£20.97) features a smart scale allowing you to measure the perfect amount of ingredients. Pairing up with your electronic device, the free app guides you through step-by-step instructions to creating a cocktail. Better yet, if you don’t have a full drinks cabinet at hand you can add your supplies to the app which will create a list of possible cocktails you can make.


3. Copper Cocktail Kit

Any budding mixologist will need the very basics to get shaking up new creations in their home. For those Instagram-ready cocktail making sessions, Urban Outfitt.rs stocks a Copper Cocktail Kit (£25) featuring a shaker, jigger and bar spoon.


4. Cocktail Pastilles

For a sweet addition to World Cocktail Day, Smith and Sinclair has created a range of cocktail infused pastilles topped with tasty ‘garnish’ sugar coatings. Their mixed selection box (£9.99) includes their full range of edible cocktails made from high quality spirits, bitters and real fruit, from the Berry Daiquiri with rum to the Elderflower Spritz with gin.


5. Cocktail Candles

Fill your home with the scent of your favourite cocktail with a range of cocktail inspired candles from Heather May. Themed on various popular drinks from the Cosmopolitan to the Pina Colada, these cute candles (£19.95) come in cocktail glassware which is designed to be use once the candles life is over. Better yet, each candle comes with a coaster featuring your chosen cocktail recipe so you can enjoy a sip after your sniff.


6. Bartender Bible

Arguably the most famous cocktail book of all time, Jerry Thomas’ Bartenders Guide: How To Mix Drinks 1862: A Bon Vivant’s Companion (£12.95) is the perfect cocktail companion for your book shelf. The nostalgic throwback to home drinking features some of the first written recipes for cocktails so you can throw it back to the traditional or add a twist to world-famous recipes.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jerry-Thomas-Bartenders-Guide-Companion/dp/1440453268

7. Drink Dispenser

If you’re planning on hosting a party, you’ll want to buy show-stopping drink pourer to impress your guests. For something that won’t break the bank, but will certainly look the part, Dunelm sell a five-litre Kilner for £15 or a mini glass barrel for £13. Perfect for pouring those cocktail concoctions.


8. Cocktail Making Classes

Confused between your Mojito and Margarita? Why not book into a cocktail class for as little as £25 to brush up on your bartending skills. Red Letter Days offers a range of options across the UK teaming up with local bars for shaking sessions.


9. Bitters collection

Stepping it up a level for those who have mastered mixology and are spirit-savvy, The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Traveler’s Set (£17.99) is the perfect addition to a backbar featuring 5 miniature bitter bottles including celery, orange and creole. Perfect for experimenting without buying large bitters bottles.


10. Glassware

After making your World Cocktail Day cocktails, you’ll want to make sure your drinks are primed to perfection for your social media snaps (make sure you’re using #WCD17). House of Fraser offers a gift-boxed set of four different cocktail glasses (£40) from long stemmed to rounded bowls.