Take a trip to Barbados with K West Hotel & Spa’s new Spring cocktail range

K West Hotel & Spa in London will take your taste buds on a tropical journey at the hotel’s studio bar with its three new spring cocktails.

Using three specially selected Barbadian rums, the Caribbean cocktails will feature on the bar’s menu until Sunday 30th April.

El Calippo (£10.50)

The Calippo combines Doorly’s 3-year-old rum, MB Strawberry liqueur, homemade vanilla syrup, pineapple juice, muddled lemon and strawberry puree. Garnished with physalis and pineapple leaves, El Calippo is named after the locals’ nickname for any sorbet or iced drink.

Jamrock (£11.99)

In honour of Bob Marley’s son’s album ‘Welcome to Jamrock’, this drink aims to recreate the Marley magic. The Jamrock features Doorly’s XO Rum, MB banana liqueur, Malibu, Mozart chocolate liqueur, muddled maraschino cherry and passion fruit puree with a garnish of mint and passion fruit.

Old Vatt’s Cask (£12.50)

This cocktail pays honour to one of the oldest monuments on the island which pays honour to Dutch navy Captain Old Vatt. This cocktail takes the form of the traditional Old Fashioned, stirred and smoked with whisky wood cask chips. Using R.L. Seale’s 10-Year-Old Rum, the cocktail features homemade dark chocolate, orange bitters and brown sugar syrup for the smoky combination.

All three special spring cocktails are available until Sunday 30th April at K West Hotel & Spa at Richmond Way in London.